Aimee-Anderson-1INTERNSHIPS AT P&J

Intense, fast-paced, diverse, and hands-on. In short, invaluable.

We pursue the brightest talent from across the country and provide an opportunity for students to explore their interests and gain valuable, practical insight into their respective fields of study.  P&J internships are available across a variety of disciplines, from engineering to public relations. P&J affords opportunities in virtually all aspects of corporate governance as well as experience unique to the civil and specialty construction industry.


Meet some of our most recent interns…

RA Warden • University of Tennessee “Interning at Phillips & Jordan has been an amazing experience for me.  I’m learning something new every day, and I am continually encouraged to accomplish and do more. The men and women that I work with here are very interested in my success and want the best for me. Working at P&J has opened my eyes to new opportunities for myself after graduation, and I must say this last summer of work has been very rewarding!”


Nipun Gadhok Texas A&M University “Starting from the basics of quantity take-off and estimation to field supervision and project management, my internship at Phillips & Jordan exposed me to all the facets of construction. I am thankful to such a supporting team for teaching and guiding me throughout this journey. I am looking forward to working with P&J upon my graduation.


Aimee Anderson • Colorado School of Mines “The Phillips & Jordan internship program gives students an opportunity to explore their interests in a fast-paced, hands-on environment. My summer experience was invaluable, and I built many lasting relationships.”


Cydney Crook • University of Tennessee “I have been so thankful for my internship with Phillips & Jordan. I have been able to work along some of the most genuine, hardworking people I have ever met. We all work together to achieve our goals. Phillips & Jordan offers the best possible experience to learn and grow into the professionals we want to become.”

Shawn Coker

Shawn Coker

Director of Human Resources

Interested in an internship with P&J? I’m Shawn Coker, Director of Human Resources. Internships give us the opportunity to discover and develop students who display potential for success within our company. Interns who show aptitude and the desire to excel within P&J are frequently offered full-time positions after graduation. At P&J, we don’t fill job positions; we fill career positions.  Please contact our HR department for additional information and Power Forward.

Experience is the universal mother of sciences.

~ Miguel de Cervantes