Location: Jefferson City, Tennessee
Completion Date: April 2015
Phillips & Jordan Role: Prime Contractor
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) re-evaluates its dam safety program as technology and standards evolve, and when better data becomes available. TVA’s most recent Probable Maximum Flood calculations indicated that a worst-case winter storm could cause water to overtop some of its dams in Eastern Tennessee even with the floodgates wide open thus possibly causing dam failure.

To meet the goal of providing long-term flood protection, Phillips & Jordan was contracted to construct a combination of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) and cast-in-place concrete flood walls on top of the dam and at the transition areas between the concrete dam and adjacent earthen embankments. Work scope elements included construction of RCC formwork, construction of 1-foot thick layered RCC flood walls, and construction of cast-in-place concrete flood walls on the downstream side of the RCC sections. In addition, Phillips & Jordan operated an on-site RCC batch plant during the project.


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Over the past 60 years, Phillips & Jordan has completed various water resource projects involving the construction for reservoirs, dams, impoundments, canals, and conveyance structures designed for water storage, flood control, transportation, power generation, and recreation.